Hello And Welcome ….

My name is Chloe Birnie and I am an artist and graphic designer working from my home studio in Tavistock on the foot hills of Dartmoor National Park. I have worked in the Design Industry for many years and have taken on jobs in costume design, sportswear design, Interiors, Pattern surface design…to name but a few.

I mostly work in print and love to cut blocks with my tools, screen print or work with digital design. I often start a design in my sketch book using pencils, pens or paint then develop it on into ether a digital design or a carved block.


My Love of Folklore and our ancestral past inspires my work and If there is a good story to tell I will try to tell it through my prints.

I am often amazed when I come across an old relic or ruin with a hidden past. I love the old bones of fallen trees or an abandoned stone dwelling left empty on the moors.

I think I can resonate with the people of the past….using tools over technology, finding colour in nature and making use of their surroundings.

I love my tools…be it carving, sewing, printing or metal work……leather, wood, metal or weave.

There is beauty in these slower lost skills and I hope to do them justice in my work.

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