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Bedford cottagessigned print. | Etsy £65.00

Bedford cottages,signed print.


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  • Handmade
  • Materials: mixed
  • Height: 297 millimetres
  • Width: 203 millimetres


signed and dated print of my Bedford cottages linocut.
This row of Bedford cottages line the Tavistock canal in Devon.
Amongst the reeds and long grasses you can find nesting birds.
A kingfisher also lives here with neighbours such as minnow , frogs and rats…..in fact a whole echo system thrives in the muddy banks next to these historic buildings. The lino cut was taken from a days sketching on the canal bank.

Owl neighbours originally print | Etsy £85.00

Owl neighbours originally print


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  • Handmade


Owl neighbours original print from a run of 20. Signed and numbered. A3 print on A2 paper.

This beautiful Tawney Owl lives in a back field not far from the row of Bedford cottages I live in. I always go past his house on my morning run, he sleeps when I wake, I don’t sleep when he wakes!…….like an elusive unseen neighbour, living our lives parallel to one another but never crossing paths….although I’m glad of his sound.

Green Man linocut print | Etsy £45

Green Man linocut print


One of the British isles most ancient symbols , a relic from our pre Christian, Celtic beliefs. The green man harps back to our ancestors traditions of tree worship and is still the main figure in some May Day celebrations. He represents re birth, fertility and the bringing of Spring.
This is one of a 20 edition print.
Hand burnished and signed. Printed on to A3 size quality papers.

Reunion print edition of 20 | Etsy £34

Reunion print, edition of 20



Square, limited edition of 20 linocut print “reunion”

My front garden over looks the viaduct in Tavistock and as I’m high up on a hill I get a good view of the moors and also the various birds that pair up on the phone lines.
Since we are heading out of lockdown I thought this would be an appropriate time to cut this block….. did you know that some birds ( swallows in this print ) pair up year after year.

If they survive migration they return to their nesting ground and find each other. Family members, hunting pals and partners all wait patiently for that first sight of there loved one after a year of absence.

Vixana of vixen Tor print | Etsy £65

Vixana of vixen Tor print


Based on the folk tale of Vixana of Vixan Tor, this print was used for the cover art of my mini art publication ( whispers in the Wood)
This is a limited edition full print of a run of 40