Folk Tales and Tors

I live on the foot of Dartmoor and most of my inspiration comes from my bike rides up into the moorland.

The ancient landscape is full of tors with tales, ancient woods and burial tombs. It can be an era place on a cold misty morning ride.

I love a good folktale or old legend and Dartmoor has many.  One of my favourite tales is the tale of vixanna of vixen tor.

This tale has it all, a witch , a knight, a magic raven feather and a deadly storms. All the aspects of a Disney epic although the princess is missing?.

The print on my Storm Raven design is a result of this tale and as I love to illustrate birds (ravens being one of my favourites ) this has to be one of my favourite designs.

I still have a lot of tors to explore and there are many folktales still to tell and design blocks for .Only time will tell whether I get to hear them all but hopefully there are more epics like the Vixanna tale.

(You can read about vixanna and a few more of these tales ,and resulting prints, in my mini book, Whispers in the Wood ,on sale in my Etsy shop).



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