Current Collections

Print and Pattern

Inspired by pattern, colour and natures symmetrical design and rhythm. This collection came about from experiments with altered photography and repeat mirror slicing of my lino cut prints. The rhythmic patterns represent ripples in water and the wind blown oceans of corn seen on the Devon hills. Grasses and vast moorland gorse groves swaying and rattling in a Dartmoor storm and Infinity spirals and sound waves, natures yearly cycle and quite sound.

Porthole Blue Print

Storm fields Design

Folklore and Dartmoor Tales

A folklore range out with prints based on the Devon tales, myths and folklore. Tinners Hares, Wistmans Wood, and The William Morris Profit in Poison scandal all feature in the collection.

I’m currently writing and illustrating a book based around these prints and tales (Whispers in the Wood ) hopefully ready end of next year.

Tamar Hare print


Tamar Tales Print, Calstock

Bedford Cottages print , Tavistock Canal

Storm raven, Tinners Hares and Vixan Tor prints