Current Collections

Print and Pattern

Inspired by pattern, altered photography and linocuts, repeat mirrored splice

Linocut, Porthole Blue

Linocut, Corn Design

Altered Photography, Gorse cloud, and Crystal design

I also have a current range of Linocut design that is in line with my new book “Whispers In The Wood”, (The legends of Dartmoor and the truth behind the tales), I currently have a folklore range out. With prints based on the Tinners Hares, Wistmans Wood, and The William Morris Profit in Poison scandal, which unfolded on the banks of the Tamar. For more info on these prints and the folk tales attached, you can now order my book via my Etsy shop.


Linocut Dartmoor folktales 


                     Tamar Hare Print


Tamar Tales Print

Travels on my bike, Devon inspired prints

Bedford Cottages print ;

(Original block) Inspired by the Tavistock canal and the row of Bedford cottages and nesting birds that line its banks.


Jay in the Gorse:

This jay was sketched whilst on one of my bike rides up route 27 in Tavistock, Devon.
Heading up into Dartmoor you often see Jays flitting about in amongst the trees and gorse.
The Celtic knotwork represents the ancient history of Dartmoor with Druid groves and stone circles. Its a truly ancient, magical place especially in the morning mist.